GoPro Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

Unearth a new consumer base in 17 documentary films

Research and insights project uncovering new consumer opportunities and touchpoints for the brand.

Met with the challenges of a shifting action sports industry and competing new technologies, GoPro approached Archrival to illustrate new consumer segments that the brand could potentially target.

People typically categorize GoPro for a narrow sports action segment, but our research found new consumer segments actively using the product from musicians to global travel tribes to families with young children.

Archrival created a series of short ethnographic films (17 of them!), each of which illustrated an untapped market for GoPro.
The films dug into how and why each segment was drawn to specific product models, their process before, during and after usage, pain points, and emotional relationship with the GoPro brand.

The films and data sparked new company-wide strategies around brand positioning, marketing, product innovation and consumer journeys.