Red Bull

Red Bull Battlegrounds

Digital Design and Development

Red Bull hosts the best gamers in the world

The live event that clashes the world’s best pro-gamers for cash, prizes and Battle Ground fame. 

Showcase the best gamers in the world both socially and through a live event.

Archrival works with Red Bull eSports to design, develop and produce the event live to the world. The site transforms over time into different phases: pre-event, registration, qualifying and live event… each with their own functionality like chat, polling or streaming over Twitch.

Held in cities around the world, the best-in-class event makes a gamer’s weekend dream come true. While the rest of the world tunes in online, recognized players like MC, Bomber, Golden, Snute, HyuN and Scarlett go head-to-head in live playoff battles in the most popular games like Starcraft 2 and Dota 2.