adidas Campus Program

Campus Ambassador and Influence Program

NPS lift of 17 points across the campuses we operated in

adidas asked us to connect the global brand with their collegiate consumer in a personalized and locally relevant way, from a student to a student.


If we win students at college, we win them for a lifetime.


Through a highly motivated team of 20 creators and die-hard university advocates, our brand agents, we were able to help adidas show up on 10 of their most important campuses and leave thousands and thousands of students with a tangible brand experience.

Product as Currency.
Trial leads to usage, and who wouldn’t want to try out the latest and greatest adidas gear. Through small activations and social seedings, agents were able to hook up thousands of their student counterparts with the hottest adidas product, driving connectivity between adidas and relevant student moments both in sport and culture. 

Premium Storytelling.
As creators, athletes and brand enthusiasts themselves, our agents found it easy to integrate their passion for adidas into their everyday lives both IRL and online. They leveraged social storytelling to share their love of sport and the adidas lifestyle with their fellow students. The result? 2.5 Million impressions and a ton of premium, branded content. 

Authentic Brand Experiences.
Designed as an awareness booster, every agent brought some sort of unique brand activation to their campus with the goal of giving students an unforgettable memory and tangible experience with adidas. Whether mobilizing around an existing big moment on campus like showing up to the game-day tailgate with the home-team swag, or curating a totally unique one-of-a-kind brand experience, agents were able to get students buzzin’ about the brand.

Fueling every big idea and brand activation is a deep understanding of today’s collegiate landscape and consumer. Thanks to all of our eyes and ears on the ground, agents were able to help adidas keep their fingers on the pulse of what matters most to students. 

Amplifying Advocacy.
To further our insights and social media leverage, agents identified almost 200 on-campus influencers who were able to drive the brand’s message even further. We provided these movers and shakers with custom kits, which included exclusive product and campus specific gear, and inspired this group of creators to share their love for adidas socially helping to garner millions of impressions.


We saw an average NPS lift of 17 points across the campuses we operated in, semester over semester.