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While the world writes off retail, cultural crises are pushing the industry to where it was already destined, only faster.

Retailers must think about their stores living beyond their physical space to engage a hungry, new generation of buyers on their terms.

How We Partner


Archrival works with brands to help them adapt to the changing expectations of consumers and create the programs to revitalize growth. Retail understands it’s not dying, it’s evolving, and this is an exciting time filled with opportunity.

  • Retail Insights

    Our approach combines traditional industry practices with bottom-up, actionable insight.

  • Retail Field Marketing

    Modernized programs to drive sales online, in-store and wherever consumers are willing to purchase.

  • Associate Advocacy

    Change the game when you inspire, empower and amplify those closest to sales.

  • Affiliate Programs

    We hand select brand advocates and inspire them with product perks to drive trial and sales.

  • Content Creators

    Put on mission the content creators who have the influence and reach to drive brand awareness, purchase intent and sales at scale.

Let’s get together and go shopping?
  • Eileen Flynn

    Eileen Flynn

    Director of Field Marketing & Influencer Marketing

    Eileen is responsible for heading up all people-powered retail programming. As the former Director of Consumer Marketing for Red Bull North America, Eileen has over a decade of experience developing and leading long-term marketing strategies, programs and structures that continue to drive measurable ROI within a brand’s marketing mix.

  • Julian Pavão

    Julian Pavão

    Senior Field Director

    Julian has over a decade of experience in the retail industry, including store operations, wholesale marketing, and brand activation. With experience working for both retailers and brands, Julian has helped some of the biggest brands in the world connect with their consumers at the point of sale.