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Experiential Activation

Using the power of Airdrop to take over the campus conversation

To position Home of Classics as the staple footwear for college students, adidas and Amazon teamed up to activate at the Prime Student-sponsored FYG U Festival at Arizona State University. 

We crashed the Arizona State campus with a Home of Classics pop-up that delivered product, swag and exclusive access during the FYG U Fest.


To build hype, we created surprise product seeding moments in the days leading up the activation with Home of Classics pedestals featuring the collection’s most coveted silhouettes, the Stan Smith, Continental 80 and Superstar.

The pedestals represented an Airdrop zone — show up at the appointed time for your chance to win a pair of Home of Classics footwear!

Each one of the six drops over two days drew larger and larger crowds, until students were changing their iPhone names just to increase their chances of winning. 🤣


The pop-up experience during FYG U Fest was adjacent to the main stage and filled with multiple brand touchpoints to keep students engaged.

Airdrop codes in the form of custom gifs were dropped every 5 – 10 minutes, each featuring expiration times to prevent cheating. The codes sent students to a nearby locker wall to redeem.

Winners could enter a hidden door and visit the Counter of Classics to pick up their sizes or sign up for adidas Creator Club, or visit the rooftop lounge where they could get an exclusive view of the festival, a custom adidas Originals polaroid, and sparkling water. VIP!

Students could sign up for adidas’ loyalty program, Creators Club, in exchange for a festival bandanna resulting in nearly 700 signups. The installation also featured a retail display with items paired with Amazon SmileCodes. Students could easily scan to shop, with every purchase providing access to the VIP lounge. Throughout the rest of the installation, numerous photo opps provided the ideal backdrop for festival content.

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