A Youth Culture Agency


Forget advertising.

The speed of getting new product to market and in the hands of the right people in the right places at the right time is the product marketing.

How We Partner


Most CPG brands are stuck in the way it’s always been done” since it feels safe during a time when spends are heavily scrutinized. We would argue that not meeting the consumer on their terms and on their platforms is far riskier. Archrival builds the plans and creates the engagement brands need for success with how, when, where and why a new generation of consumers want to buy.

  • Consumer Research

    Uncovering actionable insights about consumers to inform product development, brand positioning and marketing.

  • Sampling Programs

    Highly effective sampling programs that are designed to convert trial to purchase by finding consumers during the right moments.

  • Affiliate Programs

    We hand select brand advocates and inspire them with product perks to drive trial and sales.

  • Retail/POP Marketing

    Experiences and engagement where it matters most.

  • Design and Experience

    Unforgettable, KPI-driven brand experiences to engage consumers digitally and IRL.

  • Product & Package Design

    Design of brand package families for shelf readability.

Our People

  • Eileen Flynn

    Eileen Flynn

    Director of Field Marketing & Influencer Marketing

    Eileen is responsible for heading up all people-powered programming. As the former Director of Consumer Marketing for Red Bull North America, she has over a decade of experience developing and leading long-term marketing strategies, programs and structures that continue to drive measurable ROI within a brand’s marketing mix.

  • Dan Gibson

    Dan Gibson

    Creative Director

    Dan is the we-can-do-this machine that drives creative experiences to new levels for adidas, Red Bull and YETI. His take on strategy and art direction ensures every project is living up to its potential. A sport fiend and avid Reddit reader, Dan knows what it takes to capture consumer attention.