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Red Bull Can You Make It?

Field Marketing Sampling

One of the most successful collegiate activations in Red Bull history

College students from around the world test their mind and body in the adventure of a lifetime.

Take 600 college students from all over the world and place them in one of five starting points throughout Europe. Take their cash, their cards, and their personal phones(!). Then challenge them to make it across Europe in 7 days using Red Bull as their only currency.

Can you make it?




Teams not only trade Red Bull for the things they need such as food, water, shelter and transportation, but they can earn points by sharing content along their journey and competing in various challenges at numerous checkpoints. We equip teams with a limited use smartphone featuring our event app that keeps them connected and able to share content, resulting in tens of thousands of posts during each installment of the event that highlight the incredible adventures you can create simply by trading a can of Red Bull! Talk about hero-ing the product.



Teams have traded Red Bull for everything from tattoos to skydiving, to a private jet ride, to tickets to a Champions League quarterfinal. They’ve made lifelong friends with those who helped them on their journey. One team had never seen snow before and traded cans for ride up to the Swiss Alps. 


Completing checkpoint challenges and daily challenges sent from central command earned teams more Red Bull cans and exposed them to local traditions.



Red Bull Can You Make It? is an unparalleled success for the company for a few reasons.

  • The product is naturally integrated into the heart of event. As students trade Red Bull cans for incredible experiences, Red Bull builds incredible brand equity while reducing the price fatigue that comes from a premium product in the energy drink category.
  • It’s perfectly tailored for a generation that prefers experiences over things and uses social content as their microphone to the world.

    It starts with an application phase where students must gather a team of 3 and share a creative application video to be one of the few teams selected to represent their university. The last edition featured 20,000 concurrent users, 2.5m unique visitors and 5m sessions.

    And it ends with the event phase which is a full week of teams sharing content supported by daily episodes shared across Red Bull platforms. Combined, these phases send scores of users to the Red​Bull​.com ecosystem.

photos and videos uploaded
cans of Red Bull traded by teams
visits to website during event week
likes, shares and tweets of team content
views of daily video episodes

We’re proud to be Red Bull’s strategic partner for the event every step of the way, from conception to strategy, design to content, and the digital experience. 

I’ve never felt so challenged or so rewarded in my entire life.

Jennie, Participant

The inaugural event in 2014 was so successful, Red Bull has brought it back four times, with the latest edition slated for 2021.