Red Bull

Red Bull Can You Make It?

Field Marketing Sampling

20k cans sampled x 15k photos and videos

College students from around the world test their mind and body on the journey of a lifetime.

How can Red Bull show the value of its product to college students?

Insight: Young adults trust their peers.

Solution: Red Bull Can You Make It? Sends college students from all around the world from starting points in Europe with the challenge to make it to an end location in just seven days. 

The catch? We take their cash, credit cards and personal phones and devices from them. No safety nets. No tour guides. Just their wits, their charm and 24 cans of Red Bull to use as their only currency! In which they need to exchange for transportation, food, water, shelter and the adventure of a lifetime.

Archrival was there to support the entire IRL and digital experience — ensuring that fans from around the world had a front row seat for the action.

cans of Red Bull traded by teams
photos and videos uploaded
visits to website during event week
views of daily video episodes
likes, shares and tweets of team content