TWIST By Ouidad

TWIST Brand Launch

College brand agents and micro-influencer program

Over 1,000 products seeded in 4 months

Creating a multi-layered national campaign comprised of collegiate brand agents and micro-influencers to launch the new, must-curl haircare product: TWIST

Ouidad, TWIST’s parent company, has historically relied on the strength of their leadership in the professional hair care industry to market. As they crossed over into the general consumer hair care arena where they are unknown, we were asked to give TWIST its own life through the new faces of a generation. The headline? Moisture.

The Approach

We recruited and hired 16 Brand Agents and 30 Influencers from across the nation to share how moisture is life-changing for hair, not just a cringey word

Three pillars of content creation, activations, and advocacy were core to our strategy to hit program goals of brand awareness and brand love for TWIST

We sought out confident curl-friends who ranged in their curl journey — from novices to industry authorities — that could authentically share how transformative TWIST hair products are.

Through social media posts, sampling and #GetTWISTed yoga activations, agents and influencers shared unique product formulas and layerable scents that heavily resonated with our target audience.

The Outcome

Our community rocked it with high reach and impression rates that beat our expectations for mid-tier influencers. 

Agents and Influencers delivered 266 pieces of high-quality social content that highlights and personalizes the TWIST brand, receiving over 3.4M impressions, 21 – 41% higher than projected.

Over 1,000 1‑on‑1 interactions and products were seeded by agents across just four months, exceeding our projected outcome and projecting the brand into actual audience hands faster than we imagined.

Campaign Total Reach
Campaign Total Impressions
Campaign Engagement