Hollister Insiders

Gen Z Social Influencers

Hollister Insiders transform fashion into a personal statement

The Hollister Insiders program was built to increase relevance between Hollister’s products and their core consumers through an owned network of everyday social creators. 

How does a brand authentically connect with and gain relevancy amongst the elusive teenage consumer?

This national brand community harnessed the power of a diverse and passionate group of over 500+ content creators to share moments of product inspiration across thousands of social posts. By integrating their personal style with fashion trends and cultural moments, these Gen Z nano-creators showcased the versatility of Hollister products in the context of real teens’ lives, skyrocketing long-term consideration for the brand!

Insiders – sourced for their unique style – were tasked with weaving Hollister’s products into their daily lives, posting monthly to allow for natural product discovery and inspiration from their followers.

The Insiders produced over 2,500 pieces of content infused with their personal style and Hollister’s brand identity, acting as an authentic showcase of the brand’s products.

Insiders were not only incentivized to post through ongoing product drops, but by our team deploying bi-weekly missions aligned with ongoing social trends, from key brand moments to cultural events.

More than a typical influencer campaign, Insiders came together through an owned platform – managed by the Archrival team – to share wins, challenges, content and encouragement, resulting in a network of creators that felt like co-workers rather than one-off influencers. Insiders were further supported through content coaching and opportunities to speak to senior members of the Hollister brand to brainstorm, learn and provide feedback.


The proof is in the results! 4.9 million impressions, hundreds of thousands of engagements, thousands of products into the hands of real Zs, and better yet, a measurable impact on their followers’ consideration for Hollister’s products.

Each content piece served as a small piece in the larger puzzle, building consideration through a groundswell of small creators content. It’s a strategy that doesn’t just chase trends, or act as a splash in the pan — it spins them into the Hollister story.

Hollister’s influence over parent company, ANF, helped propel the brand to the largest stock closing at the end of 2023. The company increased sales by 20% year over year in the third quarter.