Stay in Play Activations

Event activation and product education

30k+ athletes across multiple cities 

An activation where attendees discover a normalized conversation around periods, featuring new adidas Techfit period-proof tights that protect an athletes every move.

Archrival Insights uncovered that athletic brands need to address the challenging moments female athletes face before getting to the physical moment. This insight helped solidify a creative strategy to drive awareness and gain credibility of a new adidas Techfit Period Proof line.

We developed a series of grassroot and community-driven activations which normalize the conversation about periods through open communication. The new TechFit Period Proof Tights were created using insights from menstruators around the world, with statistics showing that 1 in 4 girls drop out of sport during adolescence citing fear of leakage as a key factor.

The tights are designed to give those who menstruate an extra layer of protection when worn with a tampon or pad so they can stay in play throughout their cycle.

At sporting events, attendees discover a normalized conversation around periods through authentic messaging, education, relaxation and empowerment.

It’s so cool how we’re being so honest about your period and making it not a taboo topic.

Girls Academy Participant 

Massages, foam rollers, Theraguns and stretching guides were available to guests at the activations. At our LA event, we partnered with adidas Runners health and nutrition coach Lottie Bildirici to develop a menu designed to replenish vitamins and minerals lost during guests’ menstrual cycles.

Team EXOS was brought in as a training partner to provide guidance and instruction to guests in San Diego and trainer Tiffany Grimm was featured as a guest speaker at our adidas Runners event. 

Questions about working out on your period? Answers here.

Premium bathrooms were provided for women at sporting events who greatly appreciated having a clean, private place not typically provided.