Club C Influencer Program

Micro-influencer campaign

Building a community with high reach, impressions and sales

A micro-influencer campaign centered around placing Reebok’s Club C directly in the hands of Journeys’ target consumer and challenging them to interpret this iconic style for their time. 

An iconic style reinvented for a new generation.

Historically, Reebok has used mid-to macro-level influencers, but knew the Journey’s consumer identifies with the nano/​micro influencer and wanted to try something new.

We activated a style-focused approach of One Sneaker: Three Ways asking influencers to create three different outfits that highlight their own unique way of how they style the shoe and naturally lends to TikTok or Reels content and perfect for transitioning to fall style.

We activated 14 influences through 52 posts and 3 networks for three weeks to drive relevancy of Club C among young consumers and product sales through jour​neys​.com.

Campaign Total Reach
AER (Posts)