Allen Iverson Beyond Question Magazine

Design and Print Production

Allen Iverson’s legacy told through a Gen Z lens

Writing, design, branding and production for a print magazine celebrating Allen Iverson’s signature sneaker.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary relaunch of Allen Iverson’s first sneaker, the Question Mid, Reebok asked Archrival to create a limited edition magazine profiling the life and legacy of A.I. that could be sent out to sneaker shops, influencers and press.

Despite being a legend, the younger generations have never had the chance to see A.I. in action. So we recruited a team of talented Gen Z journalists, creatives and contributors to create the entire magazine and share his legacy through the eyes of their generation. 

Montrezl Harrell

We connected them with those directly impacted by A.I.‘s legacy, including iconic streetwear designer Eric Emanuel, Reebok Question designer Scott Hewett, A.I’s high school coach and manager Gary Moore, NBA pros Montrezl Harrell and Josh Richardson, and of course, Iverson himself.

The result is over 30 pages of exclusive material documenting the untold story of the Question Mid and Iverson’s ascendancy into the center of sport and pop culture. Read more about it in this great article from GQ.

Without A.I., there wouldn’t be a me. Period.

Streetwear designer Eric Emanuel


While Iverson is one of the most iconic basketball players of all time, his legacy becomes newly relevant when put through the lens of Generation Z.


Serious hype around the re-release of the OG Question Mid for a new generation of consumers, with features across all the major sneaker rags.