Allen Iverson Beyond Question Magazine

Design and Print Production

Allen Iverson’s legacy told through a Gen Z lens.

Writing, design, branding and production for a print magazine celebrating Allen Iverson’s signature sneaker.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary relaunch of Allen Iverson’s sneaker, Reebok asked Archrival to create a magazine that could be sent out to sneaker shops, influencers and press.

Archrival recruited a team of talented Gen Z writers, photographers, designers, illustrators and makers to create the entire magazine, and tell Iverson’s story in their own words.


While Iverson is one of the most iconic basketball players of all time, his legacy becomes newly relevant when put through the lens of Generation Z.


A fresh take on Iverson’s legacy told by and for a new generation of consumers, both in-print and broadcast globally on Reebok​.com