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Reimagining what high school can be

Many Gen Z students are restricted by a lack of access, lack of opportunity, and the confines of traditional education. Enter the Bay High Focus Program, a new school rooted in skate, art, music and fashion that will provide creative, entrepreneurial-minded students the tools, access and hands-on learning they need to be successful creators of tomorrow.

old school meets new school

skate + music + fashion

In 2020 we partnered with The Bay, a program of the nonprofit Rabble Mill (known for its unique approach to serving underserved youth in Nebraska) to support the launch Bay High. Launching in Fall 2020, Bay High will prepare and equip students to be innovators in the progressive world of entrepreneurship, emerging technology and content creation — rooted in the creative disciplines of skateboarding, music, fashion and digital art.

We are investing $1M over the next 3 years to help this transformational school unlock a new generation of talented creatives. 

how we get there

Beginning with a student body of approximately 100 high school juniors and seniors, Bay High will combine the best aspects of a traditional education with the relevant experiences tailored to the YouTube generation, rooting itself in hands-on, project-based initiatives that go beyond the classroom.

After all, young creators are already imagining, editing, broadcasting, coding and designing the world that they want to live in. They just need the right resources, tools and access to take the next step in their post-secondary education and career.

Ultimately, the goal of the school is to pipeline the creative talents of students at Bay High and connect them to the college programs and companies that need it.

We are supporting Bay High’s efforts through branding, creative strategy and ongoing marketing support.

Kids used to skip school to come to The Bay. Now they’ll just come to Bay High.

Mike Smith, Founder of The Bay, Co-Founder of Rabble Mill

Want to contribute to Bay High or know of the perfect prospective teacher or student? Support Bay High.