Ispire Cannabis Hardware

Brand Strategy & Relaunch

Elevating a cannabis brand to a new high

We partnered with Ispire to reposition, rebrand, and relaunch to stand out in the oversaturated, ultra-competitive cannabis space. This Way Up.


Ispire is a hardware and technology company that believes in a higher quality high and moving the cannabis industry forward. Known for their cutting-edge innovations that have helped define the market — and owner of over 1500 global patents — this is a claim they can easily make.

Intent to make a push beyond their strong B2B business into the ever-expanding B2C market, they needed to evolve their brand strategically and creatively to appeal to the market’s needs.

We partnered with their amazing team to reposition and redesign their brand in a relaunch that would place Ispire’s brand and products firmly at the top of the consumer and retailer’s minds, driving their story as an innovative category leader while leaning into their decades-long SoCal roots.

Blunt Conversations

Creating the right look, language, and persona for a cannabis brand has to be approached carefully, especially with such a discerning audience. So first, we needed to understand them. 

Focus groups helped us understand the cannabis consumer and their motivations for purchase — which ranged from the obvious to the surprising — while revealing cultural influences and gaps in the market where creative, language and storytelling were lacking. 

Strategic brand immersions not only revealed industry opportunities but internal misalignment within the company. 

Together, they helped us refine Ispire’s consumer segmentation and develop messaging and positioning — both internal and external — that would drive Ispire’s overall brand strategy and ensure everyone is swimming in the same direction.

Our strategic brand platform led us to revisit Ispire’s visual identity. How do you elevate beyond B2B to stand out in an industry full of incumbents, gimmicks, and knock-offs? 

We developed a fresh new look including key visuals, brand vocabulary, and guidelines that the Ispire team could scale and mobilize across everything from social and digital content, packaging, live event activation, retail marketing, merchandising and more.


With the new brand strategy and redesign, Ispire can confidently put a stake in the ground within the B2C market with an identity and messaging that is finally on par with their amazing, innovative products. Not only that, it elevated and inspired their internal teams, equipping them with a confident, desirable identity and clear roadmap as they take their next big steps as a brand.