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A community campaign against COVID-19 led by Zs

When COVID-19 cases began to spike with 20 – 29 year old young adults, we teamed with the City of Lincoln to rally the community to take action with new city-wide health guidelines.

Nationally, cases are on the rise while schools reopen...

For the the City of Lincoln, that meant 20,000 plus college students descended to campus and thousands of teens back in high schools. 

With quick but measured action, the community put forth health directives that encouraged social distancing, masks and hand-washing. To bring these efforts out of government buildings and into the hands of people, we created the Greater Than COVID campaign.

Our goal was to build awareness, urgency and trust around the guidelines to stop the spread. Put simply – get the word out to every 20 – 29 year old, fast.

Spread information faster than the virus.

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Field Team Unite.

With time not our side, we recruited over 150 passionate community ambassadors and influencers in under a month.

This incredible team took to their networks with a combination of digital tactics and in-person advocacy. They met people where they gathered. They rallied small businesses. They produced content shared over and over. And they rewarded citizens who championed the message to their friends and family circles. 

The woman behind me in line saw my branded bag — she asked if I was part of the team and offered to buy my groceries as a gesture of how thankful she was for our work. That’s impact.

Community Ambassador

This is exciting. It’s what we’ve been searching for: a cohesive way to lean on fellow businesses and keep our customers and employees safe without a political message.

Small Business Owner