Louisville Tunnel Walk

Experiential Design

Amping up the Louisville fan base and players

Teamed with adidas, we revamped the entire tunnel walk experience for the University of Louisville football program to be one of the best in the country.

The 2018 Louisville football season was one of marked change.

Although Louisville lost their incredible Heisman winning quarterback Lamar Jackson to the NFL, they gained a brand new stadium expansion adding roughly 6,000 seats to Cardinal Stadium. The renovation came packed with excitement through exclusive field-level suites, an adidas Three Stripe Zone premium seating section and a new adidas lounge where fans could grab food and drinks.

adidas asked us to design this lounge — which players walk through on their way to the field — and use it to engage and excite students, student-athletes and future recruits. However, after examining the experience, we realized this lounge should be connected to a larger, much-needed revamp of the entire tunnel walk experience.

Louisville agreed and wanted to make it something truly innovative — something players feel and the cameras sense during big games.

Challenge accepted.

One Team. One Heart. One Ville.

Louisville makes the city and the city makes the school.

Our concept amplified the truth that the community lives and breathes as one Card Nation. You can feel its heartbeat everywhere you go.

Using a combination of light and sound, we planted directional speakers throughout the tunnel walk so that players felt a steadily rising heartbeat the moment they left the locker room. The heartbeat steadily rises as they pass through a parade of fans in the adidas lounge. Here, we maximized budget by focusing on big impact graphics, neon signage and a photo op experience featuring adidas gear.

By the time they reach the field, that heart beat is pumping as much as the one leaping out of their chest.