adidas Originals

adidas Originals Nite Jogger

Experiential Activation

Activating a campus full of creators

To create hype around the release of the new Nite Jogger at NC State, we created a disruptive campus activation designed to activate and celebrate the college creator.

Calling All Creators

A multi-school insights study we developed for adidas revealed that students at NC State over-indexed on identifying as creators”. This made NC State the perfect home for a launch event featuring Nite Jogger, a shoe rooted in the creativity that comes out at night.

It's Never Too Late

Our artist worked alongside student creators to create a mural on the famed Free Expression Tunnel. Inspired by the retro three wolf moon” graphics, we put our own spin on it by using Nite Jogger footwear to recreate the iconic image as a tribute to the NC State Wolfpack. But the mural wasn’t complete — we challenged campus creators to finish it by answering the question, Who or what inspires you?”

The strength of the wolf is the pack.

Students worked together to complete the mural, emphasizing the Wolfpack mentality.

Nite Cash

Each creator earned Nite Cash which was redeemed at the pop-up newstand for a branded zine and a lotto ticket providing the opportunity to score product, from Nite Jogger sticker packs to T‑shirts to — of course — Nite Joggers themselves.

The branded zine was entirely localized, telling the stories of local campus creators and how the night inspires them to be their best creatively.

Nite Promotion

Event promotion was limited to social media teaser posts” shared by campus agents and the campus’ creator network (posts were shared at sunset and deleted at sunrise) for three days leading up to the event. 

The campus buzzed with anticipation and a line formed hours before the event began at sunset.

After the event, we gifted the spray paint and other supplies as a thank you to the student creators, encouraging them to cover, replace or remix the mural — true to the intent and spirit of the Free Expression Tunnel!


With limited promotion, attendance still absolutely shattered expectations as lines extended deep into campus with over 750 student creators flocking to the event. All 1500 prizes were given out in the span of a few hours, but students remained engaged with the event well into the nite.