Reebok x La Casa de Papel

Launch Campaign

Resisting the status quo with Reebok and Netflix

We joined forces with Reebok and Netflix to launch the collection for the global smash hit series La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), compelling consumers all over the world to join the resistance.

In December 2021, the show that sparked a worldwide cultural phenomenon finally came to its epic conclusion. To celebrate, Reebok and Netflix launched the La Casa de Papel collection and needed an agency to develop a creative platform that extended the story across Tease, Educate and Launch phases — all while remaining true to the rebellious and irreverent spirit of the show. Enter Archrival.

Preparing for Revolution

With exclusive access to the show’s set but limited time to work, we quickly put together a content plan that slowly teased the collaboration and the products, compelling people to join the resistance” and sign up for updates. And resist the status quo.

As fans of the show ourselves, we geeked out over leveraging the many different locations, props and symbols from the show in order to tell an authentic story. After following the exploits of The Professor, Tokyo and the rest of the gang for many years, this was more a labor of love than anything else.

Most importantly, we wanted to highlight each shoe in a way that not only featured the intricate product details, but remained true to the show and the characters that inspired it. 

Like The Professor-inspired Club C laid out amongst plans to highlight his resourceful genius. Or the Zig Kinetica II resting on a sandbag wall, nodding to the war” theme of the final season.

Long live the resistance

At launch, our content took over the Reebok homepage and fueled Reebok and Netflix’s launch campaigns. In all, our team created hundreds of different assets in every conceivable size for nearly every platform, ensuring they had everything they need to build momentum for the resistance. 

Reebok x Netflix x Archrival. A collaboration made for revolution.