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Finding the future of audio

Working with the Spotify team from research to design, we developed Spotify’s global trends report to reveal how Gen Z and Millennials are shaping audio and its impact on culture.

The Next Culture Next

Every year, Spotify’s Culture Next report investigates how Gen Zs and Millennials are creating, curating and experiencing culture in real-time on their platform. Spotify trusted us to dial up their latest installment by taking it far beyond a simple report.

And we did. 6 months, 24 focus groups, 19 IDIs, 9000 survey responses, and 2500 data points all coalesced into a 76-page print book — translated into 16 localized white papers — and supported by an immersive website experience, 5 podcast episodes, and 11 short ethnographic films shot in 8 different countries. We gave audiences multiple ways to engage with the content.


Read It.

We brought a fresh, colorful approach to the report design to reflect the vibrant tastes and aesthetics of Spotify’s audio creators, listeners and advertisers. To take it beyond print into audio, Spotify Codes embedded in the report allowed readers to scan and listen to podcasts, songs, playlists and more… all on Spotify, naturally.

The report was not only translated into 16 different languages, but photography and stats were localized to ensure each market received a more relevant story.

Watch It.

Interviews with interesting musicians, podcasters and listeners throughout the world and from all walks of life provided a refreshing breadth of perspective on how Spotify influences their audio passions. By producing nearly a dozen ethnographic films to bring the insights to life, taking us from Atlanta to New Delhi, we found one thing to be certain: audio is playing a central role in how young adults are navigating and creating a new world for us all.

Explore It.

An immersive web experience brought it all together, allowing visitors to explore the various trends in a 3D, isometric environment filled with interactive elements featuring localized data.

Check it out.

The site won the Developer Award and Site of the Day through Awwwards, a prestigious organization of designers and developers dedicated to bringing beautiful and engaging experiences to the web.

Stream It.

Last but not least, we also produced the first-ever Culture Next podcast, co-hosted by Marion Boeri, Spotify’s Global Lead of Thought Leadership, and our very own Julia Peterson. Featuring experts from Spotify, Gimlet, and The FADER, each of the five episodes provides an in-depth analysis of the audio trends outlined in the report. Have a listen.

Is there anything you guys cannot do?!

Marion Boeri, Global Head of Thought Leadership, Spotify