Teva Retail Field Program


20% increase in sell-in orders of product

A made for the modern trail’ retail marketing program that wins over the mom-and-pop shops that make up the bulk of industry sales.

Cultivating a team to grow revenue.

Store owners and managers are key relationships who hold the access to consumer preferences at point-of-purchase.

Archrival recruits, hires and manages a field team of charismatic enthusiasts who represent the brand at their key retail partners and niche outdoor lifestyle social channels.

Their relationships puts Teva in a position to increase consumer purchases and next year’s pre-sales.

What do agents do?

  • Store Influence. Operating in-store every day from major retailers like REI and Macy’s, to mom-and-pop outdoor retail shops, agents work alongside store managers to ensure a premium retail space, educate associates on product technology and features, assist with national campaigns and execute local events. 
  • Rep in the Wild. Wherever the brand goes nationally, agents are there to support, such as key marketing venues like Firefly, PItchfork and Hangout Fest.
  • Bottom-up Insights. With this much time spent with consumers and outdoor enthusiasts, agents hold a valuable pulse on the conversation around the brand, product and lifestyle. Agents report insights from the field that we analyze for the brand in near real time that affects marketing and product design decisions. 
  • Amplify Messages. Agents leverage influencers and strategic social relationships to amplify their impact, getting the right product on the right people.


Winning the hearts and minds at retail means real business results; we saw nearly a 20% increase in sell-in orders within markets we service.

increase in sell-in orders
pieces of POP installed
spaces VM’d