Spotify Campus Program

College Influence Program

Driving subscriptions for Spotify Premium on college campuses

For the highly competitive music platform industry, college represents a rare moment in time when young adults are willing to try new things, experiment with new habits or, in our case, switch from Apple Music to Spotify.

Music, College & Spotify

If it’s hard for Zs to live without music, then their music platform is critical to their survival! Campus is the ideal place to build a music brand.

With a new student bundle that includes Hulu and SHOWTIME, Spotify Premium offers students the ideal way to access music and content. But that doesn’t make it easy to get students to sign up and pay…it takes convincing.

We created a national collegiate ambassador and influencer program that banded Spotify’s biggest campus champions together to move the needle.

And we did…with a total 5% lift in brand awareness and thousands of new subscribers.

Campus Influencer Kits

An invitation sent to the music micro-influencers on every targeted campus as a welcome to the Spotify Premium family.

36,805 Impressions

SHOWTIME Watch Party

Exclusive access! 

At Howard University, we screened SHOWTIME’s new Wu-Tang Clan docu-series before it dropped for all.

Sold Out in 48 Hours

Discover Campus Daily

Agents brought the Discover Weekly feature to life through campus hidden gems.

21,282 Impressions

Premium Ticket Drop

One of our favorite activations.

Agents drop tickets to events and concerts around campus with clues posted on social as to where students can find them.

93,046 Students Reached

Wrapped Campus Contest

The popular end-of-year listening feature all listeners love, localized for each campus’s listening preferences. 

28,306 Students Reached

Playlist Kits

Agents take the big moments on campus and pair it with the perfect playlist recommendation.

And snacks.

32,122 Students Reached

Wayyyy Back Workout

Sweet sweat!

Rewarding Spotify Premium students with an exclusive boutique workout that cycled through the decades.

11,650 Activation Impressions