Tinder College Campaign

College Ambassador Campaign

Tinder’s bold approach to match with Gen Z

Tinder wanted to win new users by focusing on a generation of Zs just starting their dating journey: college students! We designed a holistic college campaign to translate Tinder’s global brand platform, It Starts With a Swipe, into near-constant touchpoints with Zs. From a community of on-campus ambassadors and dynamic social content to immersive campus activations and culturally relevant merch, every aspect of the campaign is crafted to integrate Tinder into the everyday experiences of college students, fostering a brand connection that transcends transactional engagements.

Transforming Perceptions

How does a dating app win over a generation that is rejecting dating apps? We’ve partnered with Tinder to help Zs see the brand not as a dating app, but as a powerful tool to establish the range of connections they’re looking for in college.

Whether it’s discovering their type, finding a date for this weekend, or a long-term relationship, Tinder is the answer. Our campaign introduces Tinder to college students as a facilitator of broad possibilities, tapping into the core desires of Gen Z to connect, share, and experience together. 

Through a year-long (and ongoing!) campaign — Tinder is seamlessly woven into college life through initiatives designed to resonate with students.

Engaging Directly: Hyper-local campus ambassadors conduct one-on-one and group interactions that personalize and humanize the Tinder experience.

Community Building:
Creating a sense of belonging and community through tailored, relatable content and events highlighting shared interests and experiences.

Cultural Integration:
Aligning with key cultural and campus events, allowing Tinder to become a natural part of the social fabric and enhance its relevance.

Spring Break

Tinder surprised students before they go on spring break with a message that an unmatched vacation Starts With a Swipe.🏝

Flame & Fortune

Tinder helps students discover their dating destiny by bringing a crystal ball to campus to predict their dating fortunes. 🔮

Tinder Universe

We invited students to a one-night-only exclusive Tinder experience right on campus grounds at UCLA, USC, and ASU. 🪐

Mid-Campaign Results

The campaign is in mid-swim, but we’ve already seen tangible results across the board! The ambassador community has not only successfully changed how students view Tinder but also significantly increased their engagement with the app. Key achievements include:

Enhanced Brand Perception:
Students now see Tinder not only as a pathway to dating but as a versatile platform for making various meaningful connections.

Substantial Reach:
The combined efforts of social strategies and ambassador-led initiatives significantly expand Tinder’s presence and influence on campuses.

Deepened Loyalty and Retention:
Continuous engagement strategies ensure that Tinder remains a preferred app among college students, fostering long-term loyalty.

Direct one-on-one student conversations
Student impressions
Deployed assets from OOH materials to individual seeding