Brand Positivity In A Time Of Uncertainty

Written by Matthew MossMatthew Moss's Signature

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Positivity can result in a more equitable workplace, better work, a better brand experience — and hopefully loyal consumers.

When I recently asked a learned friend of mine how do we survive this world we’re in right now?” he told me, be positive.” At the time I threw this away as a flippant comment intended to deflect my hackneyed question (because I’m a cynic). But now I realize he was right, not only for my own mental health, but also for brands and businesses and how they connect with consumers.

We know that people are more likely to seek out your brand or go all the way through with their browsing and purchasing experience if the atmosphere they encounter is created in a positive environment. Now, this isn’t anything new, but if you’re a brand, especially online, positivity can easily become inauthentic, hollow or tone deaf and will lead to a lost connection if approached the wrong way. Arthur Sevilla, Global Head of Vertical Strategy and Insights at Pinterest spoke recently at Adweek about how positivity starts with policy. He said it’s important to start from the ground up to influence your customer’s experience when engaging with your brand.

Being positive isn’t just about an easy POS experience with one-click purchasing, or skinny smiling models wearing the latest kicks. It’s not about making fun of a global pandemic with catchy memes, or BOGO promotional banners. Positivity is communicated when the organization champions and supports the basic fundamentals of a positive environment through action — their employee’s corporate work spaces (at home or in an office); their stance on the environment; in diversity, equity and inclusion; in creative and campaign executions; and, of course, their distribution methods. Creating a positive approach makes better work and, in turn, a better experience — and hopefully a loyal fan.

A quick scan of LinkedIn reveals what seems like hundreds of posts from self-help and business gurus, all championing the need for positive growth. The stress to perform in the face of global adversity can be crushing. So take note, and set the tone from within.