Cannabis Culture Goes High” End

3 Min. Read

Gone are the days of homogeneous stoner bros and jam band tour kids driving the conversation around weed. With widespread legalization, cannabis culture is ripe with opportunities to connect with a new generation of consumers who aren’t holding onto outmoded social stigmas.

Women-led designers like Edie Parker. YewYew and Tetra are launching high-end, feminine cannabis lifestyle lines that are as stylish as they are functional. Sephora’s cannabis-infused cosmetics line, High Beauty,” brings weed to the forefront of luxury fashion conglomerate LVMH’s beauty portfolio. Sherbinskis has emerged as a full-on lifestyle brand. And even Martha Stewart has joined forces with Canopy Growth to bring cannabis products to a whole new demographic. 

Finding authentic and meaningful ways to incorporate cannabis culture can elevate your brand or messaging strategy with a rapidly diversifying audience in 2020 and beyond. Partnering with established and respected personalities and brands within the culture, and giving them room to express their lifestyle and opinions, can make all the difference between a successful campaign that connects and an embarrassing foray outside your comfort zone.

Archrival is a youth culture agency; we’ll continue to track this opportunity and other meaningful shifts in young adult lives brands should be paying attention to. If you’d like to understand what it means for your business, drops us a line! We’d love to hear from you.