Is it Gen Z or A.I.?

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Gen Z is integrating artificial intelligence into more areas of their daily lives, from avatar creation to doing their homework.

As the first generation fully immersed in tech and social media, Gen Z generally considers emerging technologies to have a high level of promise. 

This remains true for how they think of artificial intelligence too. About 80% of Zs believe all software and websites will incorporate digital learning/A.I. capabilities in the next five years, according to research by WP Engine and The Center for Generational Kinetics.

As we begin to see young people integrate A.I. into their lives in new ways, brands should take notice about how and where this emerging tech is being embraced. 

Zs already consider personalization through predictive technologies on the web a desirable quality for a trusted brand, according to A.I. Business, a publication aimed at the A.I. community. A.I. presents an opportunity for even more tailored customer journeys, based on individuals’ interests and needs.

Here are some ways Gen Zs are already embracing A.I. in their everyday lives.

Homework assignments. Essays written by A.I. language tools, like OpenAI’s Playground, are now hard to tell apart from those written by humans. (Vice)

Banking. Zs are communicating with financial institutions via A.I., as the industry increasingly integrates it into chatbots, fraud detection, fintech apps, and more. (ZDNET)

Content creation. Stock photo giant Shutterstock announced a plan to make A.I.-generated images available on its website, while also compensating creators whose art helped train the A.I. (Freethink

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