Athletes, Creators & Retail


Gen Zs creative, fluid and nuanced approach to culture is changing the game for brands and retailers.

Through dozens of on-the-ground interviews and a nationally-representative quant study, we explore how Gen Z’s “creator mindset” is revolutionizing evergreen industries, from sports to retail. Brands that want to connect will have to meet Zs at the intersection of community and innovation — and prove their creator status too.

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Archrival ALMANAC is our deep dive into the consumer shifts pushing culture forward.


Ongoing quantitative and qualitative research is foundational to our understanding of young people, allowing us to track who they are today and anticipate where they’re headed next.


Through viral TikToks, tweet threads, industry reports, boots on the ground investigation — whatever it takes! — we stay tapped into the cultural conversations most relevant to young people.


Our national panel of Millennial and Gen Z respondents are culturally attuned, thoughtful, articulate and engaged. That’s because they’re handpicked by our in-house recruiters, field and influence teams.

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